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MCA & DOLS - e-Book

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This course will look at the two pieces of legislation “The Mental Capacity Act” and “Deprivation of Liberty Standards (DOLS)”, both of which apply to people who may lack capacity in England & Wales. The mental capacity act will be discussed in detail in Module 1, including; what mental capacity is, who is affected, how it links with other legislation, the five principles of mental capacity act, how capacity is assessed, advanced decisions and the role of the court of protection. 

Module 2 will look in detail at the DOLS legislation, which is related to the Mental Capacity Act, looking in detail at; what deprivations are, why DOLS was introduced, the key elements of the act, the authorisation process, assessment process and the role of the court of protection. 

These acts are essential knowledge for those who work with people who may lack capacity; this could include people who have; a learning disability, mental health condition, dementia, brain injury, drug or alcohol abusers, or those working in emergency environments. This course will therefore be beneficial to workers in a variety of healthcare settings, including care homes, nursing homes, supported living, hospitals or rehabilitation centres.

Learning Outcomes

  • The basic principles of the act
  • Mental Capacity and other legislation
  • The 5 principles of the MCA
  • Assessing capacity
  • Decision making and planning ahead
  • Restraint
  • Care and treatment amounting to deprivation of liberty
  • Dispute resolution
  • What is deprivation of liberty?
  • The law- defining Deprivation of liberty safeguards (DOLS)
  • Who is affected?
  • Key elements of the safeguards
  • Authorisation for the deprivation of liberty
  • Assessment
  • Applying the code of practice
  • The role of the court of protection
  • Recognising/supporting those who have been unlawfully deprived of liberty

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